$100.00 - 6 week block, (one hour class per week)

$20.00 - Casual lesson

Partnered special

$180.00 - 6 week block, (one hour class per week)

Break your boundaries!

If you’ve ever watched the acrobats in a circus and wished you had their skills, here’s a chance to try your hand! From basic solo acrobatics to complex group acro-balance, the classes have something for all levels.

As well as being a brilliant way to gain skills and strength Acrobatics Classes are great fun. The tricks are often done in groups so the classes are very social. There are also a lot of partnered tricks so it can be great bonding time! Such a wonderful way for couples/friends/siblings etc. to spend time together being active, building trust and having fun. There is even a discount for people who sign up with a partner!