Flexibility Class
For all who are interested in increasing their range of movement!

Whether you have dreams of one day becoming a contortionist or simply wish to improve your muscle and bone health, this class is for you. Zana’s flexibility classes are a fun and safe way to gain functional flexibility. The classes focus on building strong and controlled dynamic flexibility.

Dynamic flexibility differs from static flexibility by being more functional; ballerinas, gymnasts, martial arts masters, acrobats and, of course, aerialists, use this kind of flexibility. Where static flexibility can allow a sportsperson to sit in splits it is dynamic flexibility that allows high kicks, leaps, flips and so forth. All the fun stuff!

Zana flexibility classes do include static stretching to increase muscle range, this is in careful conjunction with strengthening exercises and dynamic movement to form an end result that will not only be impressive but will also keep your body supple and healthy.

Zana’s flexibility classes not only build flexibility but are also a great workout and wonderfully relaxing. These are fantastic as a weekly treat for your muscles or in conjunction with aerial classes to improve your dancing.

Whatever your motivation, flexibility classes are sure to introduce you to a whole new range of movement.

$55.00 - 6 week block (one hour class per week)

$10.00 - Casual class