Lyra: Also known as Hoop or Aerial Hoop, are often used in contortion style routines as the clean shape of the Lyra lends itself well to complex movements of the body. Suitable for graceful routines slow in tempo and high in intensity.

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Roving Acrobatics
Ideal for outdoor carnival or picnic style events Zana’s Roving Acrobats will add flair and interest to your event. Zana’s acrobats combine Adagio and group Acro-Balance with circus style skills like juggling, hoola-hoop and poi to create thrilling and engaging performances. A personalised style of entertainment that can be tailored to both low-key, relaxed, events and large, high energy, ones.

Swinging Pole: Swinging Poles are based on the pole fitness pole design but are rigged from above by a single point. They not only swing but also spin creating a visually stunning effect. Modern, edgy and beautiful, Swinging Pole performances are sure to be spellbinding.

 Aerial Silks: Also known as Tissu or simply Silks, Aerial Silks are rigged from above to provide a soft and flowing material for dancers to climb, wrap and perform tricks on. The flowing material rippling around and with the dancer as they perform creates an elegant, almost surreal effect. Silks can also be quite breath taking in an adrenaline fuelled way, as performances on them can include drops and slides.

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Trapeze: Static Trapezes are similar in build to their swinging cousins but the tricks performed on them take place on, under and around the trapeze with no transfers to a second trapeze. Suitable for routines that are fast or slow, the trapeze is a versatile and impressive apparatus.

Specialised event packages, suitable for corporate and other private events, begin from $1000. Please contact the Zana team on 0478766724 to discuss a specific quote.

 Community and Charity organisations should contact Zana directly to discuss quotes

The Roving Acrobats move through the crowd, periodically setting up their ‘tape stage’ at an appropriate place and performing a short routine. This gives everyone the chance to be in the front row for entertainment! Zana’s Roving Acrobats are trained to gauge and respond to audience reactions allowing them to tailor each performance to suit the area and the vibe. This interactive style of performance amps up excitement levels and keeps the crowd feeling engaged and entertained.

Zana Performance Troupe

Set your event apart and capture the imagination of your guests with aerial entertainment by Zana.

Zana’s performance options are divided into two main areas, Roving Acrobatics and Aerial Dance. With a variety of performance styles in both areas as well as the option of specialised choreography tailored to suit your event, Zana's performance team will work to the vibe of your event, and add a fantastic energy! 

Roving Acrobatics is suitable to most venues and works particularly well at outdoor festivals, picnics or community events. Aerial Dance can be performed in large indoor venues or at outdoor venues with large flat spaces available, Aerial Dance can be a wonderful feature and focal point for an event or it can be used to provide ambience as a background entertainment. Please see below for more information on available apparatuses.