Corde Lisse

The newest addition to Zana's aerial apparatus collection is the Corde Lisse. A beautiful apparatus that can be used for a variety or tricks and combinations. The Corde Lisse can also be used in conjunction with a hand loop to become a Spanish Web, an even more spectacular apparatus that involves spinning the performer while they move between tricks. 

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Do you want a sport that is fun and exciting? Book in for classes with Zana Aerial Dance Academy! Zana offers a range of classes catering for ages from 4yrs to 70yrs, all genders and all skill levels. Choose a class/classes from our Class List then contact us to arrange your booking!

​Classes for 2018 begin on Monday the 22nd of January.

"Run away with the circus"

Zana Aerial Dance Academy

"“There are shortcuts to happiness and dancing is one of them!”
-- Vicky Baum

Take dance to the next level with Zana Aerial Dance Academy. Aerial dance combines elements of acrobatics, circus, dance and gymnastics to form a unique and exciting sport. Zana shares the sport of aerial dance with the Riverina through in-studio classes, shows and performances at events throughout the region.

Zana offers classes in Silks, Aerial Hoop/Lyra, Trapeze, Pole dance, Acrobatics and Acro-Balance. Flexibility and Fitness classes are also available and are a great way to develop the skills needed for aerial dance. Classes are primarily tailored toward adults but options for children are also offered.

The Zana crew are experienced, fun and friendly and we’d love to have you join! Whether you are a beginner hoping to do your first class or an experienced aerialist wishing to join a performance team we have something for you. So contact us and get involved in this amazing sport!