$145.00 - 6 week block (one 75min class per week)

$30.00 - Casual class

Pure Pole

For the rebels - who like their sports with a side of sass!

Zana’s pole classes are a perfect place to express your personal style through dance. Beginners start with simple tricks and combinations suitable for all fitness levels. While having fun learning new skills students will also be building strength, flexibility and muscle control. As they progress students move up through the levels learning more challenging tricks and designing more and more complex and expressive routines.

The experienced and friendly instructors make every class fun and challenging. Whether you are a beginner eager to try pole for the first time or an experienced dancer training for competitions, we have the class for you! With our full height, well-spaced poles in brass and stainless steel and our expert instructors you can progress through any level with confidence.