6 week block prices

Pole Classes:  - $145.00

Mixed Aerials: - $150.00

Acro-balance - $100.00

Fit/Flexibility - $55.00

Children's class - $115.00

Zana classes run in six week blocks. If you are joining a beginners class it is best to join at the beginning of one of these blocks. If you are experienced you may be able to begin mid-term, this can be discussed when you contact Zana to book in for classes. 

The six week blocks for the start of 2018 are: 

     Block 1 - 22nd Jan - 2nd March


     Block 2 - 5th March - 13th April

     Block 3 - 16th April - 25th May

All Mixed Aerial, 1/2 & 1/2, Pole and Acro lessons must be booked in with Zana before you attend your first class. It is also best if you speak with staff before joining a fitness or flex class. 


Please see timetable below for class times and levels.