Aerial Net

The Zana team are excited to announce the addition of exciting new apparatuses this year! The Corde Lisse (Smooth Rope, in French) is a streamlined apparatus often favoured as a 'pure' apparatus by the kind of people who don't love the drama and flair of silks. The Corde Lisse allows many of the same tricks as silks but relies on the aerialists skill as a performer to achieve mood. 

The Corde Lisse can also be used in conjunction with a hand loop to form a Spanish Web. The Spanish Web is an incredibly spectacular apparatus where the performer puts their hand or foot into the loop at the top and are spun by a person at the bottom. They then perform a routine while spinning at the desired pace. 

Aerial Nets are new to Zana this year as well. The step up from hammock in difficulty and showmanship opportunities, Aerial Nets allow the audience to see what is happening within the apparatus, adding another dimension to routines and displays. A new range of possible moves is also opened up by the netting as you can hold and manipulate the apparatus from so many different points. 

Corde Lisse

Additional Apparatuses!!